Contracting in the UK?

IQ provide contractors in the UK with an easy way to invoice for their time and pay their taxes.

Because IQ employ their contractors, they can invoice an agency for the contractors work, provide them with insurance cover and process their funds through PAYE.

You'll get payslips just like a normal employee and your employed status will mean you don't automatically have to fill in a self assesment form.

Up to 90%

Same day payments

No tax headaches

UK based employment

Developed with top tax QC


Benefits of working with us

  • Great cashflow with same day payments
  • Employed status so no SA form
  • No set-up or exit fees
  • Free Public Liability Insurance
  • Free Professional Indemnity Insurance
  • Personal Account Manager
  • Generous refer a friend scheme
  • Weekly or monthly payments
  • You send us your timesheet and we take care of the rest for you
  • For more information please request a free call back
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£750 refer a friend

*Terms and conditions apply. Payments will be made after 8 weeks or 2 months worth of billing. Referral / Joining bonus of £750 is applicable to clients with a minimum day rate of £221. Below a £220 day rate, a £500 bonus will be applicable. Below a £150 day rate, a £250 bonus will be applicable.

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